Written on
January 30, 2020

How Window Coverings Can Help Your Home Be More Energy Efficient

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Energy Efficient
Cellular Shades

It's 92° outside but your energy bill doesn't have to know.

Windows are one of the main culprits of heat and air conditioning loss in your home. Our new cellular shades insulate your windows and can reduce this loss by as much as 64%.


A sleek solution that reduces heating and cooling energy loss by up to 40% when completely lowered. They can also be adjusted to reflect direct sunlight onto a light-colored ceiling, diffusing light without significant heat or glare.


One of the most simple, yet effective, window treatments, shades can conserve energy year round. Automated controls allow you to raise and lower shades at the right time of day to maximize energy savings and home security—even while you are away.

Cellular Shades

These honeycomb-shaped window treatments create a buffer between your window and living space. This extra layer of insulation reduces heating and cooling energy loss for year-round energy efficient cost savings and cozy home comfort.

Dual Shades

This design features two shades combined into one window treatment. Each roller or solar shade can be raised or lowered independently, giving you ultimate flexibility in light control, privacy, and design. Consider dual shades for bedrooms, home theater rooms, and any living space where light control or privacy are key.

Solar Shades

Solar Shades are designed to reflect sunlight and harmful UV rays. Dark fabrics deliver privacy while presenting a clear view of the outdoors. Light fabrics reflect more sunlight, making it ideal for temperature control in southern windows and warmer climates.

Roller Shades

Similar to solar shades, Graber Roller Shades offer easy ways to improve energy efficiency in your home. The dual shade option maximizes privacy without losing your view to the outdoors. Light control options from sheer to blackout ensure your room is stylish yet comfortable year round.

Roman Shades

Often the choice of interior designers,  Roman Shades—including classic and tailored styles—make a graceful statement while protecting your living space. A single, continuous piece of fabric acts as an ideal insulator against harmful UV rays and energy loss while creating a tailored look.


A classic window treatment best used for light control. The adjustable louvers control heat gain in the summer by redirecting the sun’s powerful UV rays and prevent heat loss in the winter by providing an extra layer of protection to colder exterior windows.