Cellular Shades

Explore the Versatility of Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades, also referred to as "Honeycomb Shades," give you a variety of options to allow light in or block it out all together. With Cellular Shades you can pull the top of the shade down, to let light in but still keep privacy, or you can push the bottom of the shade up, to get an unobstructed view of outside. You are also able to choose the transparency of the shade with room darkening or light-filtering options. Another great benefit of Cellular Shades is how they are able to insulate your home due to their design. Call today for your free in-home Cellular Shade estimate!

  • An Array of Fabric Options
  • Versatile Privacy Options
  • Helps Insulate Your Home
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Photo Gallery Coming Soon...

Frequently Asked Questions

Our most asked questions about Shades.

How do I clean my Cellular Shades?

For light dusting: use a soft brush or feather duster. For spot cleaning: dampen a clean cloth or sponge with warm water to dab the spot until it’s gone. (DO NOT SCRUB)

What is the lead time to get my Cellular Shades Installed?

Lead time for Cellular shades is about 3 weeks.

Can you see through the Cellular Shades at Night?

No, you cannot see through them at night. The exception to this is our lines of Sheer Cellular Shades which are made to be see through.

Have any question for us?

Don’t hesitate to contact us and get your questions answered.

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