Roller Shades

Modernize Your Home with Roller Shades

One of the most trending window coverings today are Roller Shades. These Window Coverings create a sleek look that is completely customizable to every room in your home. We offer hundreds of different fabrics to choose from so every room can be different, or the same, its up to you! Roller shades are simple to use and are available in corded, cordless, and motorized options. Call today for your free in-home Roller Shade estimate!

  • Sleek and Modern Look
  • Choose From Hundreds of Different Colors and Materials
  • Functional and Easy to Use
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our most asked questions about Shades.

How do I clean my Roller Shades?

Routine cleaning will help maintain the beauty of your shade. Proper ways to clean Roller Shades: • Use a hand held vacuum to remove debris • Use a duster to remove any light dust • Spot clean by using a soft cloth or sponge moistened with lukewarm water. Add mild detergent, if needed. Blot gently to avoid creasing or damaging the fabric.Rubbing can damage the fabric. Do not iron roller shade fabrics.

What is the lead time for my Roller Shades to be installed?

Roller Shades take approximately 3 weeks to be installed.

What is the warranty on your Roller Shades?

All Products offered by Blinds & Shutters 4LESS come with a Limited-Life Time Warranty.

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